Brand Purpose: Developing a Statement for Purposeful Branding

by | Nov 22, 2021

Brand Purpose Definition

A brand purpose statement, or big purpose statement, is at the core of creating a cohesive and true-to-self brand. 

You can define it as your brand’s internal compass, which gives your business direction, including what you choose to offer and who you serve. 

Ways to build your brand and find your business direction.

Why does your purpose statement matter? 

Besides providing a clear direction, your big purpose statement lets your audience know the reason your brand exists and the impact you want to make. 

It captures the essence of your brand, so you can stand out from others in your niche and attract aligned clients.  

One of the key purposes of branding is to be memorable, and if your messaging is inconsistent, people will have a hard time remembering and trusting you. 

So it’s important to take a moment to create your big purpose statement. As you do, remember that you are developing your brand, so you get to decide the rules and speak your mind. 

When you're developing your brand, you get to decide the rules.

[Bonus Tip: Your purpose helps you build your brand and content strategy. Take a look at these tips to build a strong brand strategy that lets you create content pillars that reflect your brand]. 

How to develop a powerful brand purpose? 

Creating your purpose statement requires deep work, so you can find a purpose that is true-to-you and keeps you motivated.  In my brand development coaching program, I use tools like visualization and journaling to help my vivacious clients develop their purpose. 

Through these exercises, they are able to answer the questions needed to create a brand purpose. 

Five questions to find your brand’s “why”

  1. What values guide your brand? 
  2. Why did you start your brand? 
  3. Who do you serve and why? 
  4. What are your brand keywords?
  5. What would you do even if you weren’t getting paid to do it?

For example, the purpose of Livin Vivaciously is to guide women, specially women of color, to live vivaciously, experiencing life to the fullest despite self-limiting beliefs, gender, and cultural norms. 

This statement reflects how important freedom to live life on my terms is to me and my brand’s goal to guide women towards a freer lifestyle.  

Answering those five questions will help you create a cohesive brand purpose statement. 

But if you are having trouble answering these questions, take the following steps. 

5 Steps to develop your brand purpose

1. List the values your brand stands by

Regardless of how your offers develop, your beliefs and values keep the core of your brand consistent. 

After creating your list, dig deeper into each value to move beyond generic purpose statements. Ask yourself, what can my brand stand by in the next 5-10 years? 

A great example of a values-driven brand is Patagonia. Their purpose to protect the planet shows their values of caring for nature and sustainability. 

These are clear throughout everything they do, including the materials they use, the campaigns they run, and the programs they have. For example:

Patagonia has evolved over time, but their values have been at the core of how their business develops. 

Yours will too, so dig deep and find out what matters to you the most!

[Suggestion: Check out this guide to develop your personal brand values.]

2. Get clear on what you want to do with your brand. 

At Livin Vivaciously this means getting clear on the lifestyle you want and the impact you want to make.  

3. Figure out what problem you want to solve

Understanding the problem you want to solve will help you develop your offers and help you figure out who you want to provide that offer to. 

I chose to help women develop brands because I want women of all cultures to experience the freedom I experience as an entrepreneur. 

And, as a woman from the Middle East North Africa region who overcame cultural barriers, I especially want this for women in cultures where freedom is not the norm. 

4. Keep refining your statement until it feels right. 

The first sentence you write will unlikely be the final version. 

Start with a simple statement like this: supporting women, caring about the environment, etc. Then ask yourself: Why is this important to me? Why would I support this for the next 5-10 years? 

Remember your brand will evolve. Revisit and refine your statement to reflect your growth over time. 

5. Use your keywords as a reference

Your keywords can help you as you write your statement. What are the words you want to be associated with your brand, and how can you include them in your purpose? 

I use vivaciously because it’s at the core of my brand. It reflects my purpose to help women find freedom from social norms, so they can live their life to the fullest. 

If you are a woman ready to define your big purpose and live a freedom-filled life, check out my brand development coaching program. This 12-week program gives you hands-on experience creating your brand from scratch, including messaging and social media strategy. 

Or see if a 1-on-1 session to create a customized social media branding package is a better fit for you.

Hey friend! It's Marina :)

Hey friend! It's Marina 🙂

I’m an Egyptian born and NYC based brand strategist, designer, coach, and traveler!

Obsessed with living a freedom-filled life on my terms, I’ve been traveling the world solo for the past 7 years. My adventures inspired me to start this platform—Livin Vivaciously.

I’m also a proud corporate dropout passionate about helping freedom-obsessed women and digital entrepreneurs build a true-to-self personal brand.

I believe that personal branding is the only way we can build pivot-proof businesses that thrive, simply because we show up as who we are, online and offline!


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