5 Science-Based Benefits of a Business Retreat

May 6, 2021

If you’re feeling the hum-drum of your business routine or feeling disconnected from your goals, a business retreat can be a great way to recharge and gain perspective. If you’re not feeling like this, you shouldn’t wait until these feelings show up for you to book your entrepreneurial retreat. 

Investing in your business is vital for growth and studies show that retreats provide various health benefits. The right one can support your goals while you also enjoy the benefits of travel. Here are five science-based reasons to go on a business retreat.

Retreats Reduce Stress

Reducing stress is important to your overall well-being. We are often unaware of the stress triggers in our environment like the bills sitting on the counter or the neighbor’s dog that won’t stop barking. But stress can negatively affect brain function like memory, focus, and stress management.

To be a successful entrepreneur, you need to care for your brain’s health. A lapse in brain function hurts you and your business as you’re unable to give it the proper attention. Traveling creates distance between you and every-day triggers. 

Studies on vacation resorts and meditation retreats showed an increase in wellness. People experienced more energy, less stress, and their immune system was positively impacted, so there’s the added benefit to your physical health.

Travel Boosts Your Creativity

Having a creative mind goes beyond the arts. It is essential for innovation, so nurturing creativity is important for entrepreneurial success. Luckily, traveling can boost creativity for various reasons. 

For one, it exposes you to new and different experiences that can ignite new connections; in fact, openness to new experience is one trait of a creative mind

Traveling also offers a change in pace, giving us the time to slow down and reflect. The slower pace allows you to relax and daydream, which can fill your days with intentional idleness. 

These activities are typically considered unproductive but are essential for creative insights. 

Retreat to Increase Focus

At a retreat, you are away from the day-to-day distractions. This primes you for deep work, the kind Cal Newport describes in the work of deep thinkers who have changed the world. If you’re looking to make a great impact, scheduling deep work should be part of your everyday goals, but a retreat can offer a heightened form of this type of work. 

To better take advantage of this benefit, consider booking a one that connects you to nature where you can pause to take it all in. Being in nature improves focus since it gives your brain a cognitive break.

I created a Vision Book that is a great chance to spend time in reflection to give you a chance for this kind of focus outside of a retreat too!

Learn Skills to Grow Your Business 

Keeping in mind that a retreat is a vacation with intention, the intention of a business retreat is to support your development as an entrepreneur. Admittedly, workshops focused on skills you need to be successful can be taken anywhere (like wherever you are right now – you can learn something new with my FREE brand strategy quiz!)

So why go to a retreat? 

The benefit is that you are in a relaxed, creative, and focused state. This means you will better process new information, resulting in a deeper impact on your growth.

Find New, Supportive Connections

We’re not only talking networking but genuine connections. Networking is a great way to expand your social circle, but more importantly, a quality retreat will encourage deeper connections that build a sense of community. 

The relationships you form there could develop into collaborations and friendships. Attending a retreat with like-minded individuals means you may leave with a new business bestie or find your new cheering squad to help you stay motivated long after your trip is over. 

This is a major benefit since having good relationships is key to a healthy and happy life according to a 75 year-long study.

Choosing the Right Retreat

Understanding the short and long-term influence a retreat can have in your life and finding one that aligns with your values and goals is important. I and Vivienne understand the impact that such a trip can have. 

Our all inclusive retreats bring women together to create a supportive community and encourage your growth. This is why we integrate wellness, fun, and learning into our itinerary.

We offer workshops on branding, content strategy, storytelling, and business. We also include wellness activities like hiking, a gratitude circle, and a custom journal focusing on mindset, daily reflections, and routines.

All these will strengthen your foundation, so you can continue showing up as your best self and continue making a positive impact in your client’s life.

If you’re looking into a retreat because you want to amp up your biz, here are some tools for you!

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If you want to find your authentic brand strategy, check out this brand strategy quiz I created to help you understand how to show up in your business in alignment with your unique energy, personality & Human Design.

Hey friend, It's Marina!

Hey friend, It's Marina!

I’m an Egyptian-born personal brand coach, strategist, speaker, certified yogi, and avid traveler.

Obsessed with living a freedom-filled life, on my terms of course, I’ve been traveling the world solo for over 10 years. I’ve experienced the wildest and most incredible things that lead me to start this platform—Livin Vivaciously.

I’m also a proud corporate fashion design dropout (yup, that life is not for me) passionate about helping freedom-obsessed women and digital entrepreneurs build their true-to-self personal brand to live with more freedom and joy.

Happy to have you in my vivacious community!

Stay Vivacious,


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