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An overview of my past speaking engagements, workshops, and features on podcasts and press.

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Speaking and Workshops

YouTube NextUp

YouTube NextUp 2021 Workshop

I provided a workshop session and tools for YouTube’s NextUp program, teaching a select group of top creators “how to find your voice and build a personal brand” I offered practical exercises as well as mini brand consultations to help the creators continue refining their message following the workshop.

Your Social Team Conference

The Your Social Team Conference Panel

Your Social Team invited me to speak on a panel about the importance of prioritizing your mental health as an entrepreneur, and ways to maintain heathy habits.

The Visualize and Create Show

I had the opportunity to appear on the Visualize and Create show to talk about how resilience is our hidden superpower in building a successful life and business.

How to build a brand strategy

YouTube Creator 360 Event

I was an educator at YouTube’s Creator 360 event and gave a workshop on “How to build a personal brand and create more opportunities for your business”

World Tourism Network

I was invited to speak on a panel on WTN  about the Importance of Personal Branding as an Authority in the New World of Travel and Tourism.

The Prince's Trust

I was invited to speak at the Building a Personal Brand (for Youth) conference.

I covered breaking down the basics of personal branding and how young people in any field can use their personal brand to stand out.

brand expert speaker and educator

The Catalyst Academy - Simply Speech Solutions

I facilitated a session for women speakers on “how to position yourself as an expert in your field on Social Media” to help them leverage a personal brand and online presence for more opportunities and impact

Its a Travel O.D.

Land Your First Remote Job- I was invited to create a masterclass on how to create content and offer content creation as a new remote worker in the online space.

Your Social Team Membership

I  gave a workshop on “how to build a memorable brand in an oversaturated space” Teaching the audience how to find their unique angle using their experiences and brand story.

Podcasts and Resources

Women's Empowerment Podcast with Valerie LaVigne

Valerie and I talk about how personal branding relates with the human side of things, like your story and values, and how to generate income from what you care about and advocate for. 

Cosmic Roadmap with Melissa Lambour

Melissa and I talked about being true to ourselves so we are able to be authentic and open to new experiences. I got to share about how important it is to take the time to explore our inner worlds and create a home that is comfortable and nurturing. 

Dear Handmade Life Podcast

The Digital Nomads Daily Podcast

Nienke and I got to discuss creating a strong personal brand, lots of tips for building and pivoting a business, and so many digital nomad lifestyle topics for aspiring digital nomads.

The Afraid Don't Get Paid Podcast with Candace Chatman

Candace and I talked about branding, building a business in a sustainable way, and staying true to your core when running your business. I got to share my experience of slowing down, slow and sustainable growth, and the importance of valuing my mental and physical health. 

Dear Handmade Life Podcast

Dear Handmade Life Podcast with Nicole Stevenson

Nicole and I had a wonderful talk about finding what lights you up, vision mapping, finding your own idea of success, creating a lasting brand, discovering your brand’s mission and values and how you don’t have to wait for someone to give you the life you want but instead can create it for yourself.

Podcast interview about branding

The Online Empire Podcast with Sheina Raskin

This episode is all about the power you have to design your own life. The pod had me on to talk about how to create a strategy as a multi-passionate person for a freedom lifestyle that will last.

The Chronicles of an Introverted Black Woman

Jeanette Hendrix invited me on to her podcast to talk about leaving the corporate world and living life more freely.

Creatives Do Money

I got to speak about travel and saving for big dreams on this podcast episode. Learn how to find ways to pivot in an aligned way and leverage your skills and money to fund your dreams. In this episode I deep dive into my story with traveling and building my business from scratch.

InnovaBuzz Podcast with Jürgen Strauss

In this episode, Jürgen asked me to share how to align your business with your purpose, get clear on how the business can serve you better as an entrepreneur, and how to start meaningful conversations with your audience.

Marketing On Demand w Chad Collins

Chad Collins asked me to talk about why people want to pay more for your products and services. We discussed how to stand out by leveraging your personal brand.

Shared Diversity with Sina Port

Sina Port invited me to talk about branding for freedom-obsessed women. We discussed why and how women can build a brand to live a life on their own terms, and I got to share my journey to finding joy and freedom in my business.



Finding happiness as a business owner by creating something that belongs to YOU, pivoting from corporate to being an entrepreneur, and building an audience.

Shoutout LA

Defining your own success and how to build a life and business you love. Learn more about my story here.

Thrillist Travel

Tips for remote working and business travel – how to actually get work done while you travel! 

Text says "Egypt Migrations: Preserve. Educate. Empower."

Egypt Migrations

Come on a journey with me from Egypt, to Kuwait to the US, I share my immigration journey and how it helped me discover the power of personal branding and living on my own terms.

North Texan

Embrace the Journey- how I built my business and was able to find ways to travel the world and fulfill my purpose.

VoyageLA Magazine

How my experience and personal growth developed into a branding approach for those who refuse to fit in a box, especially freedom-obsessed, multi-passionate women who want to live vivaciously on their own terms.