Owning Joy and Freedom

Through Intuitive & Strategic Branding

Building brands for the vibrant, “I’m going to do it my way” entrepreneurs requires a touch of intuition and creativity. 

As the ultimate multi-passionate, personal brand coach and speaker, Marina Girgis is passionate about encouraging others to strategically tap into their personal journey, story, and expertise to build true-to-self brands that grow with them and work for today’s fast-changing world.

Featured speaker on the women of color speaker bureau

Redefining the Personal in Personal Branding

“Do we want to live our life thinking that we have these phases that just expire or do we just create our own. . . I really believe we create our own”
– Marina Girgis

Marina Girgis Personal Brand Speaker and educator

Marina’s warm, insightful presence comes from her own experience being a MENA* woman, third culture kid, immigrant, and avid traveler. 

Born in Egypt and raised in Kuwait, Marina learned adaptability from a young age. As a young adult, she went back to Egypt to study, but had to leave when the Egyptian revolution started.

She and her family left for the U.S. There she tapped into her adaptability skills and resilience to navigate a new culture while seeking asylum. 

Her experience in multiple cultures led her to develop her power as a communicator, a power she also explored creatively through fashion storytelling during her time in fashion school in the U.S. and for which she won multiple awards, including the FGI award

 After finding freedom through creative expression, Marina ended up working in the fashion industry in NY which quickly turned toxic , making her feel stuck creatively and personally. 

She decided to quit corporate and reclaim her freedom by building her brand and business, Livin Vivaciously INC, to live her truth and the life of freedom she always wanted.  And now she is literally living vivaciously!

Her experience and personal growth developed into a branding approach for those who refuse to fit in a box, especially freedom-obsessed, multi-passionate women who want to live vivaciously on their own terms. 

*MENA: Middle East and North Africa

personal branding coach and educator

What audiences love about Marina

“The group was buzzing and fully energized afterwards . . .”

Marina’s workshop for our leadership program was so impactful! She shared tons of actionable tips, had engaging examples, and really inspired and catalyzed the group to take action on all the gems she shared with them. The group was buzzing and fully energized afterwards. Highly recommend!

Cynthia Pong, JD

Founder and CEO of Embrace Change

“It was amazing to get that kind of feedback. . .”

I really loved your session and it was amazing to get that kind of feedback for things I’ve been struggling with now for a while 😊☀️. . . You’re amazing!

“Thank you for the energy you brought . . .”

It has been an absolute pleasure working with you . . . looking forward to working with you again.

Thank you for the energy you brought and the insightful session that will help creators in Africa to take their YouTube business to the next level!


YouTube Team

“This changed my view . . .” 

. . . .when you spoke about having a ‘true to self’ message. This changed my view because I always felt that I had to adapt to other youtubers’ brands instead of building my own. So it was very ‘how can I be like her’ instead of just being me.


NextUp Youtube Summit

A Dose of Joy from the Stage

Whether it’s in-person or virtual, Marina is committed to filling the room with joyful engagement when she steps on your stage.  

Through workshops and guest speaking, she inspires audiences to take action, so they can stand in their truth and stand out in today’s multicultural, interconnected world.


Branding workshops for business owners



From the technical aspects of branding to the mindset shifts needed to start a brand, Marina’s workshops are interactive and actionable. 

She has coached audiences on topics such as:

  • How to build a personal brand for more opportunities
  • Building your brand's visibility & authority
  • Branding for long-term income and impact
  • Effectively communicating your brand story and message to sell and grow

Your audience will leave with useful information and resources like templates to take action with their new acquired knowledge.



Driven by her passion to help her community live a life of joy and freedom, Marina inspires audiences to build a brand and life on their own terms.

She helps audiences envision their ideal life and brand through topics like:

  • Creating OWNERSHIP in life and business
  • Overcoming fear to show up as true-to-self
  • Redefining online business entrepreneurship and finding joy
  • Cultivating an intimate community in your business for long-term growth


woman of color speaker

A note from Marina Girgis

I’m honored and excited about the possibility of working together for your next event!

I believe in generosity and the power of giving back, and as a speaker I am committed to delivering actionable value to your audience, so they leave with the drive to take inspired action (and keep talking about the event you put together 😉). 

If you’re ready to create a dynamic event that inspires and empowers others to live a vivacious life and build businesses that create impact, I look forward to working with you.