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Because this means that you are ready for more clarity, alignment, impact and income in your brand!

personal branding expert and strategist

Welcome to your one-on-one Brand Strategy VIP Day with Marina!

Here is what goes down!

This session is a deep dive brand strategy work day where you get my eyes, ears, and brains one-on-one on your brand as a whole for 3 hours to…

  • Unearth the blocks in your brand that are driving you nuts
  • Connect you to your brand’s essence for more alignment, impact, and income!
  • Create a cohesive brand from your voice, message, vibe, and visuals

Here is what we can work on:

Listen, the world is your oyster in this session!

You can choose to focus on “problem areas” where you need the most clarity and strategy such as:

Messaging, positioning you in your current or new niche, cohesiveness in your messaging, your target audience, ideal client persona, monetization strategies, mapping out your signature offer, pricing of your offers, content strategy, and creative direction/design/website

I will then take what you consider your “problem areas” to tailor the call and strategy document that we will use, to fit YOU! 

Oh yeah and I used to be a fashion designer so I know what it’s like to tailor and fit someone with what they need 😉

Here is what you get:

After the session you will receive:

  • Lifetime access to the recording of our session
  • A Google Document worksheet from our call with all the notes and strategies for future reference
  • Templates and exercises based on your specific goals from our session
  • Follow up support for up to two weeks via email on your exercises and progress to ensure all your Qs are answered!

Here is what my past clients have achieved…

personal brand strategy coach

I went from focusing on lower ticket items in travel/remote work and a brand that felt unaligned with what I really wanted to express to a personal brand that allowed me to be ME and develop higher ticket services while still serving my audience in my own way.

I love the fact that you didn’t try to make me niche down too hard, but instead helped me gain clarity in the ways my various interests are connected. Working with you also gave me a clearer social media strategy, something I really needed after taking a 2 month hiatus from social due to feeling confused on what to meaningfully post.

Elle Hamilton

Energy Optimization Guide, @Elleundefined

Marina helped me see things about myself and my business that I was too close to see. She is one of the most energizing people to be around (via zoom lol) and always worked hard to ensure my questions were asked, and even would follow up and check in on me!

The program gave me clarity on who my target audience is, consistency with my content, and where I want to go with my business as a result, my Instagram broke 1800 (little win!)

I also launched a new collection using Marina’s launch strategy and am happy to now have more confidence for future launches.

Anneliese Aeria


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