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Thank you for choosing me to guide you on this journey.
I can’t wait to help you build your vivacious brand!

Group Coaching Checkout

Investment Options


Why should I work with you?

If you can’t already tell from my testimonials and content, I truly care for my clients and want to see them create a life and brand that feels sooo aligned with who they are!

This is the only way you can truly stay consistent and win long-term. I help you think deeper about your purpose and the impact you want to make on the people you want to help.

When you work with me you will be utilizing your intuition and not just strategies to the point where you leave every session with a head filled with new ideas and excitement about the business you are building!

Who is this program for?

People who are ready to live vivaciously on their own terms and who are sick and tired of corporate politics, a$s kissing, and the toxic hustle culture of living to work!

If you are thinking about starting/restarting an online business, a personal brand, or want to figure out how you can make a bigger impact and income while being location independent, this program is for you!

My group program is mainly catered towards service-based businesses and personal brands but if you are a product based you can still apply!

How does the coaching program work?

I wanted to create a program that will cover the major areas of building an aligned & true-to-self online brand without overwhelming you but also making sure you will implement the strategies I teach you.

We will alternate weekly for the length of the program between live coaching sessions on Zoom, going over the major strategies and mindset, and
co-working sessions where you can work on exercises from the workbook I provide you and to ask your questions.

You will have access to my signature brand launch framework in a beautiful editable Canva workbook. 

What will the sessions be about?

Every week I will guide you through major mindset shifts while teaching you my signature true-to-self brand launch framework!

Week 1: Vision & Mindset

We will be doing the necessary mindset reframes to set the tone for the rest of our journey together. This is where we align your ideal life to your ideal brand ??

Week 2: Brand Positioning 

We will uncover your big purpose, mission, vision, values & core messaging to competitively position you in your market. 

Week 3: Target Audience & Ideal Client Avatar

Get to know who you want to show up for & who will be the perfect person for your brand.

Week 4: Monetization & Offers

Now that the brand foundation is set, let’s figure out what you’ll be selling to make money.

Week 5: Content Strategy

We have everything we need to start developing a content strategy & plan that will ATTRACT your ideal clients without paying for ads or pitching for hours.

 Week 6: Marketing Plan & Sales Funnel

We will set goals for your business for 6 months & map out your sales funnel through a freebie that will build your mailing list.

 Week 7: Implementation

You will take this week to create your freebie & content calendar for the month.

 Weeks in between will be used for: 
Support, Check-ins, Co-working & Q&As

I will be available to answers your questions & review your freebies & content calendars to provide feedback on your progress.

 BONUS 1:1: You get to book an hour call 1:1 with me once you reach a milestone

Do you have payment plans available?

The investment is $2000 (EARLY BIRD PRICING), so good, I know!
This is the best price this program will EVER be!! The investment will go up in the next round…

You can pay that in full and save 20% ?
Or you can pay in two payments of $1200

If you apply and pay before May 25th, you’ll get a bonus Canva template set of your choice from my shop for free