The Vision Book

What is the vision book:

The Vision Book is a self-empowering tool to help you write your story this year by creating, envisioning and planning for the life you want. It’s like a vision board, but BETTER. This 20 page self-guided workbook has five chapters that each focus on a different aspect of your life. You will deeply engage your senses while visualizing your ideal life and creating a roadmap to achieve your goals. It includes:

  • journaling prompts
  • goal setting guide and action plan
  • brand mood board
  • lifestyle vision board
  • personal style vision board
  • envision your “ideal day” activity
  • several chapters to cover different aspects of life and business

How to use your book:

  • Reflect: Revisit your previous goals, year, quarter and/or relationships and note down any challenges, lessons, and changes that need to happen to know how to move forward
  • Envision: Think about what do you truly desire and use the vision board templates to visualize your thoughts into images and words
  • Plan: Set your big goals and use the quarterly planner to map out when you will be committing to executing what it is that will help you achieve your vision


Can I purchase this Vision Book if I don’t have a business yet?

  • It’s for anyone who wants to dream big, whether you are a side hustler, business owner or a career person. This book is for you if you want to envision your ideal lifestyle, start or grow a business and curate your personal brand’s style while strategically planning for how you will manifest it into reality!

Can I only use this Vision Book at the start of the new year?

  • Oh no no, you can use it all year round…you get to call the shots on when you want to change your life and decide on when you want to create a plan for what you truly desire from your lifestyle and work! This is a tool with no timeline 🙂


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