Your Guide to Surviving NYC Through Sound Healing (Vibrobath)

Oct 26, 2019

If you live in NYC, then you know the emotional and psychological effects it has on your mental health. Since moving to NYC, I faced many emotional and mental challenges that I’ve never had to deal with before. 

I felt lost. 

The constant mental stimulation, the failed or “fake” relationships, and the managing of finances made me forget who I truly am.

And just like you, I started looking for ways online and offline to surviving NYC and I stumbled upon something truly magical and unique…

Sound Healing

Sound Therapy with crystal bowls to help survive NYC

Sound healing dates back to ancient cultures such as Ancient Egyptian and Greek. But since the ’80s, Vibroacoustic therapy (sound healing), which is a science-based alternative medicine therapy, has been used for pain relief, insomnia, depression, PTSD and even Alzheimers. 

After trying this one of a kind sound healing experience, I was hooked! I felt reconnected and I had to learn more. 

So I met with Devi, who is a certified sound therapist and the mastermind behind this special experience, that she appropriately calls—VIBROBATH.

In this blog post, I will share with you everything you need to know about this unique sound healing experience—VIBROBATH—and how it will help you in surviving NYC.

So first of…

What is Sound Meditation AKA Sound Bath? 

A Sound Meditation/Bath involves the use of music for meditation through vocals, sound frequencies, singing bowls, and crystals. 

What is the difference between a Sound Bath and a Vibrobath?

Vibrobath merges the elements of a Sound Bath and the sound technology of vibroacoustic therapy into a group experience. 

It involves the use of a vibroacoustic pillow, stimulating and massaging the cells in your body and brain through low sound frequencies and vibrations, which also increases blood blow in the body. 

Devi explaining Vibrobath

Devi, who is the sound magician and pioneer of the Vibrobath experience in NYC, says that if your goal is to relax and meditate, then try a Sound Bath. Which is what I tried first then upgraded to the FULL experience! 

If you desire something deeper, like the “Imax version of a Sound Bath” then try Vibrobath, which is similar to getting a Thai/Deep Tissue massage.

So What is it Actually Like Being at Vibrobath? 

Devi created the Vibrobath experience based on her love for spas, music technology, and indigenous sound ceremonies. The gatherings are always intimate and sacred with a small group of people. Devi calls the experience a combination of ancestral gathering, aromatherapy, Reiki and Vibroacoustic therapy.

And I definitely felt this hybrid experience as soon as I walked into Vibrobath. 

Watch this hilarious video to understand more! Vibrobath featured on BuzzFeed as an Ultimate Bucklist Experience!

You are immediately greeted with love, respect, and a cup of warm and delicious special herbal tea blend made in house.

As you walk into the surreal Vibrobath space, you will notice that is filled with luscious green plants, crystals, sound bowls, and comfortable seating. It honestly looks like something from a sci-fi movie! 

You are then asked about your sound tolerance, making the experience customizable and comfortable for you. I picked the quieter spot in the room since it was my first one.  

Then the gathering begins…

The Vibrobath Experience:

Ceremony Duration: 2 hours (in person)

Follow-up Course: 90 mins (this is done online)

Location: New York City—held in some of the most beautiful places. Some of the places I’ve been to are The Assemblage and Spring Studios. 

Tickets: Buy Here. Use code MarinaGirgis for a generous 30% off!

You start the experience sitting in a comfortable seat and doing some breathwork guided by Devi. She constantly makes sure everyone is comfortable by helping adjust/tweak their seat or position as needed to gain the most out of the experience. 

After the grounding breathwork is done. Devi will share an intention for the session with the group. Then you lay down with an eye mask, Devi helps you place the vibroacoustic pillow over your body and the music slowly begins to overtake the room.

While laying down you will experience the frequencies from the music playing as well as nature sounds and indigenous singing by Devi. You will gradually be transported into a different and surreal world over the next couple of hours.

Sound Healing to Surviving NYC

Devi will use essential oils and practice reiki on the group, all while you are getting this delicious internal/cellular massage through the vibroacoustic pillow. 

As the session comes to an end you start to awaken slowly. Devi will guide you through another set of breathwork and prompt the group to share their experience. I love this part because you realize how connected the group is. 

You end with hot towels for aromatherapy, group vocal exercises, and a big group hug, making everyone feel like they belong to one tribe. 

What Happened to me During My Vibrobath Experience 

During my Vibrobath experience, I felt like my body was so heavy on the ground. I felt like I couldn’t move my arms. I was in a trance state similar to being dead— crazy I know!

I saw visions of me floating on a river (the Nile) in an Ancient Egyptian funerary boat. This vision translated into The Journey to the Afterlife in Ancient Egypt. It wasn’t anything scary, it all felt like a peaceful journey. 

Journey to the afterlife in ancient Egypt
A Wall Art Scene of The Journey to the Afterlife

During my Vibrobath experience, Devi was playing tracks with water sounds and I was in a transitional period in my life at the time. This made me believe that the visions I saw had to relate to my mental/emotional state of being in the real world. 

That was my journey from death to rebirth through sound healing.

How Did Vibrobath Help Me in Surviving NYC? 

Like I mentioned above, I was going through a transitional period in my life with my health and career. I had been having issues sleeping through the night and was super paranoid about my health that couldn’t stay asleep.  

The ceremony helped me reconnect with my body in a different way. I felt more in control of my situation and that I had options to heal the body through sound. I noticed that my sleep has dramatically improved after the few sessions I have done with Devi.

Devi is such a healer. She is loving and empathetic. She has created a safe space for “The Magician” within to be ignited. 

unique and must try things in NYC- Vibrobath

Devi shares that “The Magician”—YOU—can’t come out if it doesn’t know if it’s safe or initiated to be activated and validated within the gathering. Using simple tools such as our own voices or a crystal or a sound bowl, to ignite The Magician. 

“Vibrobath puts you in a daydreaming state to understand what’s happening in the body during your waking state.”- Devi Mambouka 

During our one-on-one sessions, she taught me how to let the sound of my own voice provide me with comfort if I start freaking out about my health or anything else in my life.  

We created songs together. I truly am grateful to her and Vibrobath for helping people with coping and surviving NYC through all the madness we deal with on a daily basis. 

You can learn about the scientific mechanism of how sound healing works in this video below:

Who is Sound Healing For? Can anyone join Vibrobath?

Sound healing is for people who love music. Which is basically almost the majority of the population here on earth…so really ANYONE can go to a sound healing or sound bath session.

According to our sound healer Devi, Vibrobath is for “someone who has or desires a relationship with the seen and unseen world”

She also explains how sound healing is for “people who had a relationship with their own voice but the world shut them down. So it’s to heal your relationship with sound.” 

Sound Bath and sound therapy for surviving NYC

Personally, I feel like sound healing is for anyone that is looking for ways to heal or get in touch with something new within themselves. For those tired of the hustle and bustle and looking for creative ways to surviving NYC

Who is “The Magician”? How Can We be Magicians? 

Devi talks a lot about “The Magician” so I wanted to understand this term a little bit more and how we can attain such a powerful title. 

This is what I learned from Devi on “The Magician”: 

A magician is like Doctor Strange pushing out geometric patterns. Which is actually a scientific concept called cymatics

Cymatics is the process of vibrating matter which in turn creates patterns. See this cool video below to believe it! 

Similarly, during a Vibrobath, the voices and frequencies from the music are creating these geometrical shapes in our bodies, that in turn reflect onto our waking state.

“Being a magician is having the power to create these vibrations that can create the patterns we want into our lives.”– Devi Mambouka 

How can Vibrobath Encourage us to Live more Vivaciously? 

Sound healing can guide us to Livin’ Vivaciously simply by understanding our own vibrations. These vibrations or internal voices tell us when we need to go for what we truly want. When we should speak up about what matters to us and when should let go of something that no longer serves us or “The Magician” within. 

It is our inner guide.

Devi also explains how Vibrobath creates this imaginary trance world that unlocks the creativity within. The low frequencies used, stimulate the root (1st) chakra, which is all about creativity and safety. 

And, I truly experienced all that within the trance worlds I entered each time I did sound healing with her.

At the end of it all, experiencing Vibrobath or a Sound Meditation with Devi is the ultimate invitation to be silly

To let out those noises in your head and body. To be YOU.

If you are looking for new ways to surviving NYC and all the madness in your life or you are simply wanting to try a completely new and unique experience in NYC, then I highly recommend you try a Vibrobath session! 

Keep up with Devi, her motivational posts, and upcoming events on Instagram: @vibrobath

To book private sessions with Devi click here. 

And remember, you are The Magician you are looking for! 

Hey friend, It's Marina!

Hey friend, It's Marina!

I’m an Egyptian-born personal brand coach, strategist, speaker, certified yogi, and avid traveler.

Obsessed with living a freedom-filled life, on my terms of course, I’ve been traveling the world solo for over 10 years. I’ve experienced the wildest and most incredible things that lead me to start this platform—Livin Vivaciously.

I’m also a proud corporate fashion design dropout (yup, that life is not for me) passionate about helping freedom-obsessed women and digital entrepreneurs build their true-to-self personal brand to live with more freedom and joy.

Happy to have you in my vivacious community!

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