Visual Content Marketing: Using Design to Create a Memorable Brand Identity

May 25, 2023

For online business owners and entrepreneurs, visual branding is a critical part of marketing success.

With the ever-increasing competition for consumer attention, businesses need to harness the power of design to create a strong and recognizable brand identity, even as personal brands. 

So let’s explore the significant role that visual branding plays in online marketing and how it can propel your business toward success. 

Understanding Visual Branding

Visual branding encompasses the design elements that define your brand’s identity and make it easily recognizable. 

From logos and color schemes to typography and imagery, visual branding shapes the perception or “vibe” of your brand. 

By creating a cohesive and visually appealing brand identity, you can establish a strong foundation for your online marketing efforts – and keep people coming back to you to check on offers and products because they know what your “vibe” is and if they’re aligned with that.

The Impact of Visual Branding on Online Marketing

Visual branding is a value add to your offers and brand presence. It’s what sets you apart from the competition and drives up the perceived value of what you are selling.

Visuals play a pivotal role in capturing attention and driving engagement in the online world – well-designed visuals have the power to make a brand stand out, even when there are other brands offering the same thing as you!! 

Cohesive visual content, such as brand-aligned images, videos, and graphics, can grab a viewer’s attention and leave a memorable impression.

If it evokes the right emotions and conveys your brand’s message effectively, visual branding will create a memorable brand experience for your target audience and connect you with your ideal client

5 steps to build a Cohesive Visual Brand Identity on Social Media

Consistency across all visual elements reinforces brand recognition and fosters a sense of trust and familiarity among your audience . Try these 5 steps to maintain a cohesive visual brand identity in your social media presence:

Step 1: Define your brand vibe. Ask yourself “what do I want my audience to feel when they experience my brand?”

Step 2: Choose keywords that align with the vibe you’ve decided on for your brand! Use these keywords to start putting together a moodboard on Pinterest for your brand.

Step 3: Start creating your brand’s color palette. Use your Moodboard on to pick out colors.

Step 4: Choose on 2-3 fonts you want to stick with in your brand, Canva has some great and free combinations.

Step 5: Design a set of Canva templates that match your vibe, colors and fonts so you can easily create brand aligned graphics on social media.

How to use the power of Visual Branding in Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms are visual-centric spaces, making visual branding even more essential. 

High-quality images, branded graphics, and videos help capture attention as users scroll through their feeds. You want people to recognize your brand as they scroll as this over time builds brand trust.

Some easy ways to do that are:

  • Use high-quality photos that match your brand vibe, I don’t recommend stock photos if you can invest in doing brand photoshoots every 6-12 months 
  • Use cut-out images on your graphics to add a personal touch to your content and some FUN! 
  • Use consistent colors and fonts across your graphics but you can freshen up your brand templates every few months to keep it fresh by purchasing new templates 
  • Use consistent copy and language that reflect your brand voice and vibe 

Final thoughts

I recommend you start with defining your brand voice, message and strategy and then move on to creating your visual brand identity for social media.

Check out this free brand strategy quiz I created to help you understand how to show up in your business in alignment with your unique energy, personality & Human Design.

Remember that consistent visual branding across social media channels enhances brand recognition and creates a cohesive online presence. 

By aligning visuals with your brand’s tone and messaging, your business can effectively communicate its value proposition to the target audience. 

If this feels like a daunting task, check out these fully customizable Canva template packs I’ve created for any style of business owner!

Hey friend, It's Marina!

Hey friend, It's Marina!

I’m an Egyptian-born personal brand coach, strategist, speaker, certified yogi, and avid traveler.

Obsessed with living a freedom-filled life, on my terms of course, I’ve been traveling the world solo for over 10 years. I’ve experienced the wildest and most incredible things that lead me to start this platform—Livin Vivaciously.

I’m also a proud corporate fashion design dropout (yup, that life is not for me) passionate about helping freedom-obsessed women and digital entrepreneurs build their true-to-self personal brand to live with more freedom and joy.

Happy to have you in my vivacious community!

Stay Vivacious,


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